Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The cell phone is more then a device for communication it is a tool that has become an integral part of our existence. Can you exist without your cell phone? Yes of course you could but you would be giving up a premier means of keeping in touch 

The fascination with a technology that would take our communications.mobile has long warn off. Mobile phones are entrenched within most of our daily lives. The visionary Thomas Edison realized the need to communicate outside the realm of the sound of the voice,  that would broaden the scope of communication.  His idea initially was kept in a wired world, whereas later technological developments and innovations primarily with radio frequencies would extend the range of communication almost infinitely.. Walkie talkie technology has come a long way.. Radio wave technologies would transcend from analogue and enter the digital era. Some 50 years after Edison's death Bell telephone would develop base stations which pole-vaulted radio signals further and further. Digital technology would allow the transmission of data in a more efficient less expensive manner

Convenience is a driving factor to keep improving technologies of communication and where ever imagination is technology is certain to follow.

Our lives are immersed in technology.  We are accustomed to technological terms like 3g 4g technologies and  smartphones are now the norm . Today smartphones even come complete with extraterrestrial descriptions like the Android operating system. Today the Android operating system boasts 15,000 applications.In the technological evolutionary process the Android operating system was developed as the missing link that would permanently join the two world of the cellular together with the computer. This hybrid solution is offered by Amazon in their latest innovation the Amazon tablet.  

Our lives are becoming less complicated if many elements offered in computers and cell phones are being combined into one device. In our homes we can have wireless, hands free and the connection is becoming more transparent  Wireless allows smart cell phones to utilize its smarts in areas like airports, stores, restaurants, cafes and if you wanted to pay for a modem the Internet is available anywhere.
Latest Amazon Kindle Fire with wireless

 As chips evolve to allow for more information to be stored and emitted with increasingly efficiencies the possibilities remain endless. The USA has a continued interest with developing computer chips as our national security depends on it. In cell phones and computers the platforms such as the Internet the social networking sites the tablet computer create the vision for companies to formulate how they will develop the technology and gear to keep up with our ever changing lifestyles.Blue tooth has allowed the technologies of communication to be meshed into our automobiles and with the advances in battery technologies such as liquid batteries, fashion apparel has incorporated the latest flexible cell phones into clothing.See the latest by Kyocera:

"Kyocera Unveils Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone"

Now that the components of a cell phone have become flexible the possibilities become endless. As our need to be connected to be logged in, to be mapped by longitude and latitude the developers of technologies will meet our ever insatiable desire to be tuned in. Mosey on over to see cool phones on a cool website; a-phones.com to see how to buy or just window shop for the newest in mobile cell phones.